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Vampire Film, Book, and Music Discussion   [Last Post: 06-27-17 @ 2:30pm]
Obsessed with a certain vampire film, author, or song? Need to vent about that B horror movie you rented last night? Come in.

Mythology and Folklore Discussion   [Last Post: 03-20-17 @ 3:50pm]
Discuss the vampire of legend and myth.

Real Vampires Discussion   [Last Post: 02-12-18 @ 4:56pm]
This forum is for discussion of real vampires.

Convince Me You're a Vampire   [Last Post: 12-21-17 @ 3:26pm]
Are you a vampire? Prove it.

Convince Me You're a Human   [Last Post: 05-20-14 @ 7:32pm]
Are you a human? Prove it.

Religion Chat   [Last Post: 12-21-17 @ 3:34pm]
Discuss religions and how they relate to vampires.

Bare Your Fangs!   [Last Post: 09-08-17 @ 5:02pm]
Had a bad night? Feel like complaining to a forum full of faceless strangers? If so, come on in!

Vamp.Com Personals   [Last Post: 09-10-17 @ 11:48am]
Looking for someone?

Polls and Games

Famous Vamp Quotes Game   [Last Submission: 04-07-13 @ 10:09pm]
Just a little game for the film and literary vampire geniuses among us.

Cheap Imitation Crystal Ball   [Last Submission: 12-17-17 @ 10:21pm]
Left-over psychic crystal ball from Writing.Com. Compliments of the amazing and mystical Akierey.

Vampire Polls   [Last Modified: 01-16-04 @ 2:27pm]
Opinionated? Take our polls!

Getting to Know You

Introduce Yourself   [Last Post: 09-08-17 @ 4:22pm]
How long have you been interested in vampires? What first drew you into the subject? Let us get to know you by posting here.

Time-Delayed Chat Board for the Undead   [Last Submission: 03-15-18 @ 9:35pm]
Chat with others who are interested in vampires.

Need Help?

Support Forum   [Last Post: 12-05-17 @ 4:49am]
If you need help navigating Vamp.Com, post your questions here.

Problems Logging In?   [Last Modified: 01-24-04 @ 12:30pm]
If you're having problems logging onto Vamp.Com, read this.

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