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About Vamp.Com

Vamp.Com is for those who wish to obtain or share information regarding vampires. Our community is open to members of all interest levels. Anyone who wants to discuss real vampires, fictional vampires, vampire mythology, vampire lifestyles, vampire films and books, vampire RPGs, etc. will find a variety of like-minded people on Vamp.Com.

Our goal is to bring together individuals from all areas of the vampire community. By creating a community for all of those who are interested in vampires, we hope to educate one another and foster an appreciation for the impact that the vampire (in both legend and reality) has had on societies throughout the world.

Our discussion forums address all vampire-related topics: the romanticized vampires of today's films and literature, the bloated, flesh-devouring corpses of two hundred years ago, the recent development of vampire organizations and cults, etc.

Also, Vamp.Com hosts a few interactive stories and games. These, we hope, will challenge the creative individuals among us who aspire to someday write articles and stories that may shape the way in which the world views vampires and the vampire community. (And we just like to have fun sometimes. *Smile* )

About Vamp.Com Membership

Vamp.Com membership is free and includes e-mail services and access to discussion forums. In the near future, Vamp.Com will publish an e-zine to which members may submit their original stories, poetry, and articles.
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