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If you want to chat about whatever, here's the place to do it.

I have but one rule: Respect one another.

Member: S.A.Drake
Time: 03-15-18 @ 9:35pm
Message: Hi

Member: Astartes
Time: 12-17-17 @ 10:13pm
Message: I hope everyone is fairing well after all these years. Another winter has come and the world is so active!

Member: happiness is overrated
Time: 02-28-17 @ 3:45am
Message: Place really is dead as ever. Barely any posts since last year. Shame really. Hopefully someone checks this, but if not no harm by posting it lol. Miss chatting with you guys honestly. Hedge and the gang. Good times.

Member: Soliff
Time: 02-26-17 @ 9:34am
Message: seeking a real vampire, please contact me.

Member: S.A.Drake
Time: 07-12-15 @ 11:52pm
Message: Hi, guys! Seems super dead here.... but if anyone's reading this then hi! I'll try to check in more often... maybe bring some life back here.

Member: S.A.Drake
Time: 04-15-14 @ 2:14pm
Message: Hi, everyone!

Member: S.A.Drake
Time: 02-20-14 @ 1:12pm
Message: anyone wanna talk or just message back and forth or whatever, you can message me at if that's not convenient tell me and i'll figure somethin out. and yes this is mostly because i'm bored. get over it.

Member: S.A.Drake
Time: 02-20-14 @ 11:59am
Message: I'm back. Things are looking as dead as ever.

Member: Astartes
Time: 02-12-14 @ 8:06pm
Message: Just letting those who need to know I still wake...will try to check in more but things are getting complicated nowadays.

Member: Vladamir
Time: 12-06-13 @ 7:19pm
Message: This place is as dead as a doornail, still... I can't help laughing. Yeah I hear Vampire websites are really popular at the moment, if this ones anything to go by, they must really be pushing the boat out.

Member: lady_vamp+
Time: 11-08-13 @ 6:48am
Message: hedge geiny is awesome xx ;) *-*

Member: S.A.Drake
Time: 10-30-13 @ 1:41pm
Message: Hi, guys, checking in! how is everyone?

Member: HedgeGenie
Time: 10-13-13 @ 7:29pm
Message: Ty needs to get back online if only his neighbors hadn't smashed his comp screen

Member: HedgeGenie
Time: 10-06-13 @ 3:41pm
Message: aw the ad changed no more laughter and i feel ridiculous talking to myself, but someone will see this post soon and it wont have been for not perhaps they will find it funny too

Member: HedgeGenie
Time: 10-06-13 @ 3:40pm
Message: Oh god im dying of laughter the ad above the chat is advertising for a vampire date site so commercialism is delving into the shadows lol i can't stop laughing so even creatures of the night can find love online no more dark allies and shady bars lol

Member: HedgeGenie
Time: 10-06-13 @ 3:36pm
Message: I need to get on more I'll try to be on for the next few days except tues thrus college is intresting

Member: S.A.Drake
Time: 10-01-13 @ 1:04pm
Message: So how is everyone?

Member: Vladamir
Time: 09-07-13 @ 9:26am
Message: And it replicated in a host cell, making a perfect copy of itself

Member: Vladamir
Time: 09-07-13 @ 9:25am
Message: I essence it would be a case of either, the cells no longer replicate and are 'frozen' in that state forever. In which case and injury would not be able to heal. Or the virus theory is possible, if Vampirism was a retrovirus

Member: Vladamir
Time: 09-07-13 @ 9:20am
Message: It is called Mitosis, so for instance the you that you were ten years ago. Is not you now, every single cell in your body is different than what it was then. Yet, I pose you the question how are you still you?

Member: Vladamir
Time: 09-07-13 @ 9:17am
Message: *Pokes* Crystal. Oh it's very simple really, when your cells replicate each time. It is like a photocopy, every time you photocopy it, it becomes a little less like the original picture. So 1,000 copies down the line it will look nothing like it.

Member: S.A.Drake
Time: 09-03-13 @ 11:26am
Message: On a unrelated note - school is kicking my ass already.

Member: S.A.Drake
Time: 09-03-13 @ 11:25am
Message: I'm not sure. A virus? A curse? Who knows? All i know is that i believe vampires exist, and there are many possible explanations for how they would have come into existence.

Member: Crystal
Time: 08-29-13 @ 7:50pm
Message: This is true. What would your explanation for the cause of immortality be? Just silly debating. =P

Member: S.A.Drake
Time: 08-29-13 @ 12:07pm
Message: This is very possible, i believe. But then there are other possible explanations, as with everything

Member: Crystal
Time: 08-29-13 @ 3:18am
Message: "Cancer is a term used for diseases in which abnormal cells divide without control."

Member: Crystal
Time: 08-29-13 @ 2:43am
Message: Question- If cancer is more or less cells that do not die off properly, then wouldn't immortally fall within those line? A extreme form of cancer that effects ones very DNA? You may debate this point of view. =P

Member: Crystal
Time: 08-29-13 @ 2:30am
Message: One -poke- to a Vladamir.

Member: S.A.Drake
Time: 08-28-13 @ 12:55pm
Message: Hi, everyone! I'm back!

Member: Vladamir
Time: 08-08-13 @ 6:48pm
Message: Tempus fugit

Member: Astartes
Time: 08-08-13 @ 12:18pm
Message: It is good to check in from time to time.

Member: Crystal
Time: 07-26-13 @ 6:53pm
Message: I don't know why I keep coming back to this place...years go by and yet here I am again. I see that I am not the only one who remembers such bitter sweet memories.

Member: Vladamir
Time: 07-03-13 @ 10:12am
Message: Don't suck blood, suck cocks

Member: Joker
Time: 06-21-13 @ 3:41am
Message: I could give advice, but what for.

Member: Joker
Time: 06-21-13 @ 3:41am
Message: How's it goin

Member: lady_vamp+
Time: 05-17-13 @ 6:50am
Message: omg havvent spoken in ages H.G howv you been?

Member: HedgeGenie
Time: 05-15-13 @ 9:54pm
Message: it has been months since i was on and my comments are still on here seriously... im about to be bussy again tho got a web series im in coming up

Member: lady_vamp+
Time: 05-15-13 @ 8:13am
Message: soulk calibur is anime stuff (awsome) if you guys want in on real stuff check out don henrie , hes on national gographical and everything his best interviews are on you tube. x

Member: S.A.Drake
Time: 05-03-13 @ 11:08am
Message: Well, at least now it's finals week so there's an excuse

Member: S.A.Drake
Time: 04-25-13 @ 9:51pm
Message: Nope. What's that?

Member: lady_vamp+
Time: 04-25-13 @ 5:57am
Message: so u play soulcalibur drake?

Member: lady_vamp+
Time: 04-25-13 @ 5:56am
Message: hey its me i still check in mwhahah xx

Member: S.A.Drake
Time: 04-22-13 @ 11:55pm
Message: Does anyone but me check in anymore? Honestly......

Member: S.A.Drake
Time: 04-05-13 @ 1:09am
Message: anyone who wants to email me directly can do so at

Member: S.A.Drake
Time: 04-05-13 @ 12:50am
Message: Why is it that none of the new people post here?

Member: S.A.Drake
Time: 03-17-13 @ 8:04pm
Message: I see things are still at a standstill here.

Member: S.A.Drake
Time: 03-08-13 @ 10:26am
Message: Nice to meet you

Member: S.A.Drake
Time: 03-05-13 @ 8:59pm
Message: my life sucks so much....

Member: S.A.Drake
Time: 02-28-13 @ 8:06pm
Message: Nice to hear from you. I wish it was revived. i check in about once a week now.

Member: seanvll
Time: 12-10-12 @ 6:01pm
Message: damn dead as a doornail

Member: seanvll
Time: 12-07-12 @ 8:03am
Message: 100% well maybe 90% whats everyone been up to?

Member: Astartes
Time: 12-05-12 @ 3:48pm
Message: Well it\'s been another 5 years, hello everyone.Looks like there are some new followers. I am glad people still use this over the years. Please let me know how you all are!

Member: seanvll
Time: 11-29-12 @ 5:59am
Message: I\'m human, a believer, and it\'s a coincidence that I suck the joy outta anything. Lol

Member: S.A.Drake
Time: 11-27-12 @ 1:09pm
Message: sorry i ran out of space, i like to read, write, sing, draw, travel, sleep, babysit..... i\'ll try almost anything once. Seanvll what are you, if i may ask?

Member: S.A.Drake
Time: 11-27-12 @ 1:07pm
Message: yea, yea, i know random....... anyway, im good, im a cashier currently, i want to be a vampire or at least meet one & im an empath,not really, maybe i\'ll have to think about it, and im very organized and persuasive, i love to cook, clean, organize, etc

Member: S.A.Drake
Time: 11-27-12 @ 12:56pm
Message: Yesterday was my birthday! Yay!

Member: seanvll
Time: 11-26-12 @ 4:41am
Message: Does knowledge and wisdom. If any of those elements are missing you are destined to fail. Passion and love will light your path lose those and you will be doomed to treck into the darkness*

Member: seanvll
Time: 11-26-12 @ 4:38am
Message: I think my best quality is the fact that I have improved myself 1000% and will not stop at anything till I get what I worked so hard to receive.and a little quote *you are the maker of your own destiny. Ambition and creativity go hand in hand as ...

Member: seanvll
Time: 11-26-12 @ 4:35am
Message: my answers: I\'m as good as I can be, I\'m a professional cook and good at it. my deepest secret is my mother died and I feel at fault. I have loved. If I could do anything different it would be my sudden bursts of anger would never happen.

Member: seanvll
Time: 11-26-12 @ 4:27am
Message: So how is everyone? What do you guys do for a living? Deepest darkest secrets? Have you ever loved? is there something you would do different if you could? your best qualities? Just to spark up a good combo and get to know each other.

Member: seanvll
Time: 11-26-12 @ 4:12am
Message: I can\'t believe I\'m back and it\'s dead. I have bitter sweet memories.I met my first love on here, time to do some advertising.

Member: StrawberryTrickle
Time: 11-10-12 @ 8:45pm
Message: I\'m kinda new here, and I was wondering if any vampire would be comfortable sharing the process involved before, during and after feeding,I think I\'m an awakening vampire, and I really feel like I need some help :/

Member: S.A.Drake
Time: 11-08-12 @ 11:26am
Message: Let\'s try reintroducing ourselves. I am Siryn Ari Drake, real name Ari, an empath. I\'ve always been interested in vampires and hope to become one one day. I have several aliases online, if u want to know them just inbox me.

Member: S.A.Drake
Time: 11-08-12 @ 11:23am
Message: sigh, this is sad

Member: S.A.Drake
Time: 10-12-12 @ 12:45pm
Message: i\'m not even sure anymore. i guess we could try to introduce an good topic

Member: OfficeVamp32
Time: 10-05-12 @ 2:47pm
Message: How can we get some \"life\" into this forum? It looks like it used to be so fun..

Member: S.A.Drake
Time: 09-24-12 @ 11:30am
Message: sigh. the chat is obviously as dead as ever.....

Member: S.A.Drake
Time: 09-05-12 @ 11:18am

Member: S.A.Drake
Time: 09-05-12 @ 11:16am
Message: why is it noone\'s ever on the same time as me?

Member: S.A.Drake
Time: 08-24-12 @ 11:39am
Message: just dropping in. i should be on more now that school\'s started up again.

Member: Crystal
Time: 08-21-12 @ 10:19pm
Message: How is everyone?

Member: Crystal
Time: 08-21-12 @ 10:18pm
Message: You know there was a time when this site was...well how do I say this....not so dead. lol No but for realoen today, We use to fill these pages up in no time.

Member: snake
Time: 08-17-12 @ 3:24am
Message: hi yall im new to the site i been a vamp for 6 years

Member: HedgeGenie
Time: 08-15-12 @ 8:08pm
Message: people just stopped loging on

Member: Felin
Time: 08-15-12 @ 6:56pm
Message: Hello people!!What happened to the members of this community?

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