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Are you psychic? This is the place to find out!

The Rules

1. Answer the question for the person who posted before you.

2. Ask a question for someone else about you.

(This Cheap Imitation Crystal Ball is property of the great and powerful Akierey. *Smile*)

Psychic Friend: Astartes
Ooga-Booga: 12-17-17 @ 10:21pm
Prediction/ Question: The rum is gone becuase the blood ran out... When will the others get here?

Psychic Friend: Crystal
Ooga-Booga: 08-29-13 @ 2:42am
Prediction/ Question: No Dracula is all dried out by now... Question- Why is the Rum GONE!!!

Psychic Friend: <_CuPcAkE_fAnG_>
Ooga-Booga: 05-31-11 @ 9:46am
Prediction/ Question: yes

Psychic Friend: S.A.Drake
Ooga-Booga: 03-24-11 @ 11:37pm
Prediction/ Question: i say that counts as a question. No. it isn't weird, at least not extraordinarily so. random humans have stronger psyshic abilities than the average human. it goes on that some of those humans would become vampires and have their abilities grow stronger.

Psychic Friend: S.A.Drake
Ooga-Booga: 10-28-10 @ 4:41pm
Prediction/ Question: Before this continues i just have to ask - QueenofVamps are u asking if u will become a vampire like ur father or...... just what are u asking????

Psychic Friend: Crimson Snow
Ooga-Booga: 09-16-10 @ 5:25am
Prediction/ Question: I got confused at the question of QueenofVamps no question to answer. So I'll just aproceed with the one from Alucara D auras exist. but the people who can sense and see them are a few. dont worry my friend you are not crazy. you are just gifted.

Psychic Friend: HedgeGenie
Ooga-Booga: 07-07-10 @ 3:20pm
Prediction/ Question: that is very confusing

Psychic Friend: S.A.Drake
Ooga-Booga: 05-18-10 @ 9:00am
Prediction/ Question: Ok Ok i have a question now. If you think you can sense auras and see them are you crazy? I was looking at my mother yesterday and all the sudden it was like she was surrounded by a blueish yellowish kind of light.

Psychic Friend: S.A.Drake
Ooga-Booga: 05-12-10 @ 3:15pm
Prediction/ Question: I would have to say the end of the world. at least that's what i hear. No question to ask

Psychic Friend: Astartes
Ooga-Booga: 04-22-10 @ 7:21am
Prediction/ Question: If you are expecting it, then it may be much later if ever. Enjoy what you have now, for things in this world change far too quickly, whether for good or bad. What is the event that the world is preparing for?

Psychic Friend: S.A.Drake
Ooga-Booga: 04-13-10 @ 2:52pm
Prediction/ Question: Their feeling for you are less than your feelings for them. Only time can tell how far your love will take you./ Will I become a vampire soon? Or will it be later?

Psychic Friend: aura_vamp
Ooga-Booga: 04-10-10 @ 9:31am
Prediction/ Question: Yes you will but it'll take time and you will have to get to know them before you find the crazy that you both share, you will form one of the strongest bonds with them if you let it happen. ...Am I in love with someone who loves me back?

Psychic Friend: FallenWinter
Ooga-Booga: 04-10-10 @ 5:08am
Prediction/ Question: When you learn to focus...the best plase to start would be the astro plane in your dreams...dream jumping is a good start into peoples minds...will I ever meet the one for me who is as crazy as I am?

Psychic Friend: ^_^
Ooga-Booga: 04-07-10 @ 2:41pm
Prediction/ Question: You will meet this person, but you alone will make it happen...or you will pass this moment and be lost to it. Will I gain what I have always desired...contentment?

Psychic Friend: Neferet
Ooga-Booga: 08-29-09 @ 12:15am
Prediction/ Question: Emily Sylvia, your lottery prediction made me crack up for about an hour!!!! :-P

Psychic Friend: Deadgrrl
Ooga-Booga: 08-25-09 @ 2:17pm
Prediction/ Question: Seph, Yes, you can be born a vampire, in some cases it is a genetic condition. As a vampire you cannot have children because of a defect of the vampirism

Psychic Friend: BlueVeins
Ooga-Booga: 07-21-09 @ 11:54pm
Prediction/ Question: You're welcome Aura, but, I'm no help with relationship advice.

Psychic Friend: BlueVeins
Ooga-Booga: 07-21-09 @ 7:59am
Prediction/ Question: Yes, or you will never be at peace with yourself, and when you cannot reconcile yourself, trying to get along with the rest of the world is an empty gesture.

Psychic Friend: FallenWinter
Ooga-Booga: 07-20-09 @ 9:53pm
Prediction/ Question: Thank you anyways for trying...

Psychic Friend: FallenWinter
Ooga-Booga: 07-20-09 @ 9:12pm
Prediction/ Question: Mine seems a bit more than that...she tends to take me over, I can only see the changes in my eyes when I become angry and stare into a's a bit unnerving, especially since the woman I am connected with is a very powerful entity...

Psychic Friend: FallenWinter
Ooga-Booga: 07-20-09 @ 8:51pm
Prediction/ Question: Q: I feel like I am two people at once, but she is not me and I am not her, so why have I inherited her thoughts and personality on occasion, am I merely a decoy to protect this person?

Psychic Friend: FallenWinter
Ooga-Booga: 07-20-09 @ 8:49pm
Prediction/ Question: Loss of morality and the fear of being hurt;the act of progression in this society has blocked most ability to decipher right from wrong, some feel pride is the best bet and to snub others, feeling that they are superior and are independant from others...

Psychic Friend: BlueVeins
Ooga-Booga: 07-09-09 @ 8:55am
Prediction/ Question: A drug mixture, mostly crack and weed. I don't recommend it.

Psychic Friend: Crimson Snow
Ooga-Booga: 07-08-09 @ 8:57am
Prediction/ Question: whats a peace pipe ? O_o

Psychic Friend: burnloungaz
Ooga-Booga: 07-02-09 @ 3:49pm
Prediction/ Question: hmmm peace pipe.

Psychic Friend: xxVictoriaxx
Ooga-Booga: 07-02-09 @ 3:08pm
Prediction/ Question: Ty that made me laugh for like 5 mins

Psychic Friend: burnloungaz
Ooga-Booga: 07-02-09 @ 5:29am
Prediction/ Question: how do i get over someone with out beer?

Psychic Friend: Crimson Snow
Ooga-Booga: 05-19-09 @ 4:47pm
Prediction/ Question: will the site's admin return? or have they gone hunting slash hunted already?

Psychic Friend: BlueVeins
Ooga-Booga: 05-14-09 @ 8:02pm
Prediction/ Question: :)

Psychic Friend: Crimson Snow
Ooga-Booga: 05-14-09 @ 8:01pm
Prediction/ Question: see,, shes back

Psychic Friend: Emily Sylvia
Ooga-Booga: 05-14-09 @ 7:58pm
Prediction/ Question: well im predict emily will come back with a smile on her face, new career prospects, and an interesting new realization....

Psychic Friend: BlueVeins
Ooga-Booga: 05-14-09 @ 6:44pm
Prediction/ Question: I'm not feeling terrible optimistic at the moment for various reasons, but I really hope Emily makes it back safely.

Psychic Friend: Crimson Snow
Ooga-Booga: 05-14-09 @ 4:35pm
Prediction/ Question: don't you guys worry.. she'll be back. hmm.. im browsing some books here.. what will be fun to cook this weekend? hmmmmm

Psychic Friend: Tammie
Ooga-Booga: 05-14-09 @ 2:00pm
Prediction/ Question: she will be back, but she may not be successful, hard to tell at this point.

Psychic Friend: BlueVeins
Ooga-Booga: 05-14-09 @ 12:03pm
Prediction/ Question: I though maybe it would get me drunk enough to feel better, but after three whole bottles I was just a little buzzed. Lame.

Psychic Friend: Crimson Snow
Ooga-Booga: 05-14-09 @ 11:42am
Prediction/ Question: i agree with the chocolate cheesecake.. hmm..whats with the bottle of Golden?

Psychic Friend: BlueVeins
Ooga-Booga: 05-14-09 @ 12:25am
Prediction/ Question: Thnk you for the input. As for food, it is not necessary, but I enjoy it. Tammie has already pointed out one of my favorites. Right this moment I'm working on a bottle of Golden.

Psychic Friend: Tammie
Ooga-Booga: 05-13-09 @ 7:02pm
Prediction/ Question: chocolate cheese cake

Psychic Friend: Crimson Snow
Ooga-Booga: 05-13-09 @ 6:57pm
Prediction/ Question: Two, get a grip of another body which your vampire glory is totally sync with.this is in exchange of something not much important.your memory. not bad for a deal right? so here's mine, **do vampires feed on anything else besides blood?

Psychic Friend: Crimson Snow
Ooga-Booga: 05-13-09 @ 6:56pm
Prediction/ Question: thats a double no for you. once you get loose of your grip on that vampire body.You will have two choices: one,you let go of EVERYTHING.meaning you'll vanish there and there.

Psychic Friend: BlueVeins
Ooga-Booga: 05-13-09 @ 11:16am
Prediction/ Question: When a vampire dies, is there any chance that we could become ghosts, like humans, or are we damned from the moment we lose consciousness?

Psychic Friend: BlueVeins
Ooga-Booga: 05-12-09 @ 9:58pm
Prediction/ Question: Well it is the case sometimes that people can be so good that they don't see the evil in others. Kinda like our relationship ;)

Psychic Friend: Tammie
Ooga-Booga: 05-12-09 @ 9:17pm
Prediction/ Question: I try. It seems to make me a target for those that like to screw with people. To some kindnes equals stupidity. That has always amazed me.

Psychic Friend: BlueVeins
Ooga-Booga: 05-12-09 @ 12:40pm
Prediction/ Question: You have a good spirit.

Psychic Friend: Tammie
Ooga-Booga: 05-12-09 @ 12:31pm
Prediction/ Question: That I am, dear friend. :)

Psychic Friend: BlueVeins
Ooga-Booga: 05-12-09 @ 12:10pm
Prediction/ Question: You are relentless. :)

Psychic Friend: Tammie
Ooga-Booga: 05-12-09 @ 11:55am
Prediction/ Question: Perhaps the question was wrong, but the answer can still be correct. :)

Psychic Friend: BlueVeins
Ooga-Booga: 05-12-09 @ 11:37am
Prediction/ Question: That's not what I spoke of, but as always you are far too cheerful, dear friend. :)

Psychic Friend: Tammie
Ooga-Booga: 05-12-09 @ 10:52am
Prediction/ Question: There is no set time, just love yourself and love will find you back.

Psychic Friend: BlueVeins
Ooga-Booga: 05-11-09 @ 3:05pm
Prediction/ Question: How long will it take?

Psychic Friend: Vladamir
Ooga-Booga: 05-11-09 @ 8:51am
Prediction/ Question: You will find someone who will make you happy eventually.

Psychic Friend: Zeerana
Ooga-Booga: 05-05-09 @ 1:27am
Prediction/ Question: Hehe, just tired of the dick-headed bf's I keep finding...

Psychic Friend: Zeerana
Ooga-Booga: 05-05-09 @ 1:26am
Prediction/ Question: ok, new question...will I meet Mister Right..SOON!?

Psychic Friend: Zeerana
Ooga-Booga: 04-28-09 @ 12:03pm
Prediction/ Question: LOL, thanks Emily, but I'll pass on that one :P

Psychic Friend: BlueVeins
Ooga-Booga: 04-25-09 @ 2:41am
Prediction/ Question: lol!

Psychic Friend: Emily Sylvia
Ooga-Booga: 04-25-09 @ 2:23am
Prediction/ Question: you will win the lottery if u do it while wearing a purple hat, standing on 1 leg, singing the "maceraena" and eating some corn....... dont doubt my psychic prowess

Psychic Friend: BlueVeins
Ooga-Booga: 04-18-09 @ 4:00pm
Prediction/ Question: Hmmm...

Psychic Friend: Zeerana
Ooga-Booga: 04-18-09 @ 2:46pm
Prediction/ Question: anything above 400 actally :P Not large by any means..At least I think that's all I'm short atm <.< bad memory...

Psychic Friend: BlueVeins
Ooga-Booga: 04-18-09 @ 2:04pm
Prediction/ Question: Oh, so you're pretty much asking if you'll come in to a large amount of money anytime soon.

Psychic Friend: Zeerana
Ooga-Booga: 04-18-09 @ 11:42am
Prediction/ Question: Large down payment....Literally the only reason for the lack there of...

Psychic Friend: BlueVeins
Ooga-Booga: 04-18-09 @ 10:27am
Prediction/ Question: Perhaps if you could inform of the circumstances surrounding your "lack-of-car?"

Psychic Friend: Zeerana
Ooga-Booga: 04-18-09 @ 7:31am
Prediction/ Question: Forgot my about, Will I get my car next week (this week coming up)? :) have to ask the hard ones hehe.

Psychic Friend: Zeerana
Ooga-Booga: 04-18-09 @ 7:29am
Prediction/ Question: 0, earn....42.50 maybe (depending on how much you work) :P

Psychic Friend: Tammie
Ooga-Booga: 04-17-09 @ 1:01pm
Prediction/ Question: oh great psychic vampires and people, how much money I will win tomorrow? ;o)

Psychic Friend: Vladamir
Ooga-Booga: 04-15-09 @ 3:07pm
Prediction/ Question: Yes

Psychic Friend: hana qubella
Ooga-Booga: 04-15-09 @ 12:59pm
Prediction/ Question: has anyone ever dreampted of people being killed or being slaughtered.

Psychic Friend: BlueVeins
Ooga-Booga: 04-13-09 @ 12:08pm
Prediction/ Question: I can see that.

Psychic Friend: lottie
Ooga-Booga: 04-13-09 @ 5:31am
Prediction/ Question: certainly

Psychic Friend: Vladamir
Ooga-Booga: 04-12-09 @ 4:05pm
Prediction/ Question: If Vampirism is genetic, Vampires can bear children while they are still simply humans carrying the gene. When the gene is activated and the body dies ect... Having children is no longer possible.

Psychic Friend: BlueVeins
Ooga-Booga: 04-11-09 @ 4:29pm
Prediction/ Question: Lottie, can we make that into a collective sigh? :/ *sigh*

Psychic Friend: lottie
Ooga-Booga: 04-10-09 @ 5:47pm
Prediction/ Question: -sigh-

Psychic Friend: hana qubella
Ooga-Booga: 04-10-09 @ 4:30pm
Prediction/ Question: psyvamp i am. i see lots of things.

Psychic Friend: BlueVeins
Ooga-Booga: 04-10-09 @ 3:07pm
Prediction/ Question: Naturally you have an explanation for everything...

Psychic Friend: sephirabella
Ooga-Booga: 04-10-09 @ 8:55am
Prediction/ Question: i know its cheap. i didnt actually predict hanna saying hi to me. she was sitting right next me on the other computer, but her prediction was her own. im not a psy-vamp. she is.

Psychic Friend: BlueVeins
Ooga-Booga: 04-10-09 @ 12:13am
Prediction/ Question: You've got to be kidding me...

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