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S.A.Drake says "Hello all! I'm posting this in July, let's see if there are new messages next week......"

Shakira says "Hey guys!"

maryann says "hello i m new to this site like im i just turned my 1600 birthday yestrday anone know alexander sterling ? "

Krishna says " hello, everyone im new here anyone want to chat ?"

S.A.Drake says "Hi, all! I'm back!"


countess darkness says "always wanted to be a vampire "

amina says "hy iam new can anyone help me? what do we do? plz"

Hellin says "Am back. . "

lady says "Looking to chat and help learn about myself more. If you are a real vampire, please e-mail me."

Genny says "Hello everyone! :)"

Rosa says "want information? contact me."

immortalworld says "Anyone here is a goth?"

anonymous says "Message me if you are an immortal being. A legit one. Good Day."

S.A.Drake says "Hello all!"

SaphiraWallbank1994 says "Good Morning :) My name is Saphira Elizabeth Rosalette Wallbank "

S.A.Drake says "hello all! "

conner says "are you looking for a donor morningdog?"

morningdog says "<_CuPcAkE FaNg_> Whats going on in your world, I\'ll tell you something Happy Halloweens......!"

morningdog says "I can\'t wait till Halloween, that\'s when my fangs really show!!!"

morningdog says "Once Bitten, twice shy so please dont ask me why"

Broken(Vampyre) says "Looking for a vampire?.. You\'ve found your wish."

Rose says "Hey anyone out there...i\'m very curious...Are vampires real? How does one become a vampire?"

S.A.Drake says "Hi guys i\'m back!"

avi says "luv u every1...bye..."

avi says "hey hi everyone!!"

Glenna1990 says "Hey how is everyone? "

JaCkY says "hello! :) is there anybody who can help me to turn into a vampire? i\'m from germany... any german vampires out there? i wanna bite! :P ^v-v^"

amanda kelly says "hi "

bumbau says "hello "

ari says "always wanted to be a vampire *Frown* "

Bella&Veronica says "Nope real names! Bella and Veronica. We are so happy to be vamps!!!"

Bella&Veronica says "Hello! Bella and Veronica here! shared account. We just turned to vamps today!"

avi says "any vampire here????"

avi says "me too new here.."

avi says "hi guys !"

lady_vamp+ says "i hope your real names bella and your not just useing that from twilight "

the devil\'s daughter says "im so bored its crazy how much school makes you want to die"

Persephone says "Hello! i\'m new and i\'m happy to meet you! see you in topics! Perséphone."

S.A.Drake says "not much. i\'m getting ready for spring break. what about you?"

Bella says "so whats up?"

Bella says "hi drake"

S.A.Drake says "delayed chat...... if u want a live chat i\'d try or"

Bella says "i\'m new here so how do u chat?"

Bella says "hi how are u?"

imp naz says "the devil in me is craving for blood,...jus one bite and ill b fyne "

HedgeGenie says "3yrs ago this was such a lively site...sigh"

S.A.Drake says "All these names on here and yet noone\'s ever on......."

Lestat says "Hi iam lestat and i live leicester uk iam look vamp ladies blood drinkers so we can share the night together and run amuk xxx"

vampiremandy says "Hello I\'m new and thought why not stop by and say hello to everyone hehe! :].......!"

S.A.Drake says "i bet if this were a room there\'d be an echo. it\'s sooooo empty. where is everybody?"

S.A.Drake says "it\'s not always like this but lately....."

blackswan says "Hello all. So far this sight seems rather dreary...shame. I am a Black Swan, if you know what that is then I am very interested in talking with you."

Vampire Noob says "What\'s up everyone and *Pthb* to Twilight Vampires, all other Vamps are cool."

S.A.Drake says "This site is always dead now......"

ElliaSix says "For those who are \"bored\" - Do visit us. The Immortal Underground."

S.A.Drake says "i\'ve liked vampires since i was 7 "

kokenbra says "why do you all like us so much"

bloodyrouge says "hello :3 everyone :D message me cuz i like meeting new ppl :) have a gooday everyone :)"

S.A.Drake says "Hi, all! if ur looking for a vamp chatroom is usually active around like 10 to 12."

MOEY says "if you laugh ill kick ur ass if you cry ill lick ur tears if u jump off a building ill miss ur ass . any girls looking for some single vamp "

MOEY says "hey everyone im new to the vamp world and my home town doesn\'t beleive in vampires or people who desire blood any body who wants to contact me add my email ill be waiting "

bloodyrouge says "hi everyone haven\'t been here for a while :)"

Evil's #1 Fan!!! says "Where I\'m from, no one really believes in vampires and warewolfs and stuff. My parents don\'t even know that I have an account on here. I\'d be dead if they knew...i\'d come back alive though. lol"

Evil's #1 Fan!!! says "hi everyone"

Evil's #1 Fan!!! says "I am new to the Vamp world...I just became a blood sucking fang-wearing person. Feel free to send me a message. Anyone on the dark side?? I know I am! Bwahahahahahaha!!!! "

S.A.Drake says "hello all"

justbitten says "not too much to do here where i live hoping to find some people to talk to about the darker side of life if you wanna chat message me on here im usually around somewhere hoping to one day move somewhere else a little more interesting "

Luminita says "I am Luminita :3"

S.A.Drake says "that\'s a good idea to post here since we cant update or bio\'s. im now 19, a twin, starting college next month and i am human."

Jen says "Hello. This site wont let me enter profile info or pic. I am a 34 yr old, old fashioned submissive(i choose the one i obey) and vampire. Not the fantasized crap... just a love of sharing blood with my mate. Not sure I will stick with this site. we\'ll see"

bloodyrouge says "hi everyone its been a long time here :)"

justbitten says "hello everyone good to find a website with people who like vampires as much as i do "

maemae says "Bahaha any one wanna text Me feel free 14053713690 pleaseeee ;;33"

S.A.Drake says "anybody from south carolina?"

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