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Nov 21, 2015 at 9:08pm
Re: Re: Why is sex that important?
Look, buddy...I'm probably going to come off as a bitch here, but you need a bit of the cold, hard truth.
You attract what you project.

If you're constantly approaching dating situations with that pessimistic, self-pitying, negative "I always get cheated on" attitude - it's gonna show in your behavior. The more you obsess over past experiences of being cheated on, get yourself more paranoid about it and fall into the mindset that "ALL women will cheat on you" - the more you're going to appear insecure and give off a negative vibe. And most women do not find that attractive. If you obsess over cheating to the point where your girlfriend feels uncomfortable enough with you to have to resort to cheating - then that's your own fault.
Why is sex that important? · 12-10-12 11:48pm
by seanvll
Re: Why is sex that important? · 11-11-15 3:43pm
by A Non-Existent User
*Exclaim*Re: Re: Why is sex that important? · 11-21-15 9:08pm
by Just A Friend

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