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Dec 11, 2013 at 1:40pm
How to deadl with concited nonsmokers.
Like seriously, what the fuck.

I am fairly new to smoking cigarettes. I cough like I am literally losing a lung. The feeling passes, but some of the nonsmokers give me "the look". I even get the "You shouldn't be smoking, its bad for you!" Wow! I didn't know! even though EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN CIGARETTE COMPANY needs to by law write on their labels THIS WILL KILL YOU. I am aware of my clock running out of minutes considerably faster than nonsmokers. I really don't care.Tracheotomy? I'd smoke out of it.

Anyway. Anything you guys know of to get nonsmokers of my back?

(P.S. If you do not smoke, I am not targeting you, please don't burn my house down)
How to deadl with concited nonsmokers.
· 12-11-13 1:40pm
by EmThicket

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