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Apr 16, 2013 at 12:42pm
by Maharet
Hello everyone !!My name is Anda ,I have 22 years old and I live in Romania .I want to tell everyone a strange story that marked my life entirely.I will start with the begining .When I was younger ,at 12 years old ,I stayed with my mama`s old friend in some appartament at 4 floor .It was the biggest bloc in the area at that time .In front of this bloc was a very beautiful street and after this stret was another bloc with 4 floors .I always loved to stay in that balcony and watch people who passed by .I don`t know why ,but the bloc in front of me was like a magnet .Everytime when I looked there ,a strange feeling passed all over my body .This bloc in front of me was something special .He had a roof with two windows .Never lived there of course .Always was empty .Long story short ,in that time I sow for the second time the movie Interview with the vampire .I don`t know way but that movie surprissed me in such a maner that I looked for the book and I start reading .When I finished the book,I begin having strange feeling .Made me wonder I really is something there .But I realised there and now that I was a child and I loved the drama in that book .After a cuple of days ,I was left alone in the house .I remember that it was summer because I stood in my balcony with every window opened .It was that breeze that I remember exactly .Something in the air .So ,when I realised that I was alone ,I called my friend from childhood to come and stay with me .It was already night .In the same time ,something dragged me in balcony .I stood there and when I looked over that bloc and roof ,I sow something in those two windows in the roof .It was a man with a candle or something like that in this hands and he looked at me without moving.Straight at me .It was a feeling that I can`t describe .Words are too poor for what I`ve seen .How do I know he was a man and not a women ?I sow his proeminent figure because of the light that kept in those hands .I was petrified and I don`t know way but I couldn`t movie .Only stood there and look at him .After two ore three minutes ,I don`t know exactly ,my friend knocked at the door .I was awake .I let her in and for a moment ,I thought that was only my imagination ,That`s why I took her to the balcony seing "Tell me Roxana ,do you see what I`m seeing ?".When she looked there ,she sow the same thing like I did and that horrified her I don`t really know why .She close the windows rapidly and scared then she said "let`s forget about that please ..Let`s talk about boys :)) .."That night I had strange dreams with a voice of a man telling me that I don`t have to be scared .I`m safe ...Then the nightmars had started .I felt strange everytime ,I didn`t want to play with my mates,I didn`t laught anymore and always but always I felt watched .So ,together with my friend that knew what I was feeling ,walked a few miles at this monestery outside my town .My little town .I talked with te priest and I told him what has happened .Then ,he told me that he thinks that I sow a demon or something impur .I`m ortodow but I never been a religion person but at that edge ,I didn`t know anything else .After that ,he said to me that he want to start to pray for me .Then ,all the nightmars stoped .Since then ,I looked for every single site and I red so many books about the existence of the real vampires that belive me ,I`m sick of this subject .After a cuples of years ,when I stayed one night on the internet -on yahoo messinger -,somebody with a strange id gave me add .I was 18 in that time.I accepted that id in my list because I wanted to know who was .Then ,he spoked to me .He said "hello" and suddenly asked me if I was pasionated with vampires .Until that day ,no one knew my story .None of my friends and family.Only my friend Roxana but our relationship was finished long ago .Everybody has a chilhood friend who didn`t spoke in years .That`s shy they called childhood friends .Anyway ,that person wasn`t Roxana for sure .After he asked me about my passion in vampires ,he wanted to know how I figure vampires .He wanted to know how I pictures them .After I gave my answer ,I asked him who he is and how did he get my id .Then he told me that "If I told you that I`m a vampire ,would you belive me ?".I was shocked .Hes grammer was perfect .More perfect that my grammer anyway (in my language ) .That I sow it first little strange .I had the feeling that I talked with an university teacher of romanian languge .Then ,after he asked me questions about vampires ,he left suddenly but he assured me that in the next days ,he will be talking with me again .Before he got out ,he begged me to look at the sky in the morning at 5 a.m at sunrise .He didn`t tell me why .In the moring after we spoke ,I looked at the sky and I sow only a star but nothing strange .After a cuples of days ,he entered once before and he asked me if I sow the sky in that night .I said yes,he then asked me if I sow something different ,I told him that I sow only a star and he told me "You have the answers .You only must know how to put the questions "or something like that and he said "I know you love Anne Rice`s novel ,that`s why I quote from those novels .Anyway ,we kept talking about anything .Filosophy ,history,miths and psychology and literature .He seems to know everything .Small detalies about Napoleon ,Alexander Macedon ,Hitler etc .He told me that he have knowledge and if I was interesed ,he will tell my what I want to know about everything .He told me about old books ,ancient book etc .I google them and I sow that he was right in every mater .In the same time we`ve spoke ,I kept asking him about anything and about vampires and I wanted to proove me that he was realy a vampire .He never told his name ...he said"In the past ,people named me in many ways .You can give me a name to adress to .I don`t mind ."He only told me that he is a ancient vampire ...about 3000 years old and he had many powers .When I asked him "why me?",he told me that "If I say why you ,this game it`s about to end and I don`t want that now .Soon ..I know everything dear ".Then ,after a lot of work and begging ,when I asked him to proove me that he know me and that he was a vampire ,he gave me a data .07.07 .2003.He said to me that he looked at me then .And he asked my why I don`t stay anymore in that balcony to see people anymore .That frightend my a lot .He said that he sow me in that night .Then I asked him again "why me ???"He didn`t answer.He applied me reverse psychology all the time .He was very very smart indeed .Those conversations happened only for 2 years .6 conversations that I have know .After 2 years ,he never entered again on messinger .He said that he traveled a lot the last time we spoked .I don`t know really what to think .I can`t say that sory to anyone .My friends whould laught at me if I sad something like that belive me .I`m a normal girl ,with normal life ,not a wanna be or something like that .This story is real real .If someone who claim to be a vampire old vampire like Jaharat (eye) ,ore like others on this site have knowledge of my language ,then I will give those conversations .Those conversations are in my language of course ,so if everyone who claim he or she is an old vampire ,speaks romanian very well and understand those conversations ,please answer me .I have many questions about that ...about vampires .That story changed my life and I don`t know what to think about this .
PS:Forgive me for my mistakes in english .English is my second language and I don`t know it very well .
· 04-16-13 12:42pm
by Maharet

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