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Dec 10, 2012 at 11:48pm
Edited: December 11, 2012 at 12:41am
Why is sex that important?
by seanvll
Ok so its been almost if not 4 years since I have had sex. I don\\\\\\\'t miss it and I don\\\\\\\'t need it. I do like it but for me it should be for love not pleasure. but for some reason every relationship I have had has ended in me being cheated on. FOR ONCE I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR \\\\\\\"Sean I kissed another guy\\\\\\\" I could handle that. instead its \\\\\\\"I had sex with another guy\\\\\\\" but do you people understand how much pain that causes? to know that the one you want to spend forever with found pleasure with another mans cock? it drives a guy f***ing mad, it confuses them and they become completely unstable. the person still loves you and hates you at the same time, it makes them stalkerish, it makes them tear you a new one every time you talk, it makes them both at the same time, it makes them start to to wonder whats wrong with them and it drives them mad. I was just cheated on again last night. another year of my time is gone. im tired of it, I just want what I had with my first love, its the only relationship I was 100% happy with but it was gone when she cheated too. I just want some one who loves me and treats me well. I don\\\\\\\'t care if you cook, or clean, or have a fancy job. its not what makes a person. but after being cheated on by the best girls I can find I have lost hope. its not only painful to know that a girl doesn\\\\\\\'t love you enough to keep their cloths on, but its disgusting to, you don\\\\\\\'t know what diseases the other guy has, you don\\\\\\\'t know if they knocked her up and your going to have to see some other guys kid for the rest of your life and act like its yours. I do admire you have the balls to tell but I can resist it why cant you. im destroyed, by this. I cant trust anymore, since the first time it happened to me I have been very untrusting of everyone and I haven\\\\\\\'t been the same. I used to be happy and full of joy and there was very little that can make me mad but since the first time I been cheated on I been bitter and have a hate in the back of my head twords everyone. not only does that hurt but you people get pissed when the guy gets angry. HE IS HURT CAUSE YOU CHEATED!

I had sex with one woman in my life, I was drunk, I never had a girl that drank or did drugs. WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR EXCUSE! I get horny, I use my hand. you girls get high tech toys and you still cant resist. I try to forgive these girls but that pain never goes away, it lingers and lingers. you may forget it for a while but you remember like it just happened next. this is the worst thing you can do to a guy. especially if you have a guy that throws his pride away to give you all the love he has.

how can you live with doing this to someone? how can you go on and smile after destroying someone\'s life, how do you go and get in another relationship and look at them and not think about this, how do you get married and have kids and think its perfectly fine that you did this to someone. especially someone like me, my only flaws in a relationship that I can see is \\\"you put me on a pedestal\\\" how is that a problem? I treat you like a queen, I give you the respect all woman should have. I feel guilty that I had sex with one person and you woman go and cheat and you can live with your selves for months before you tell the one you cheated on, act like nothing happened. that right there is the definition of a psychopath. can you give me back my time? can you give me back my ability to trust? I here woman say guys are pigs, and you do the same s***. I want to be able to love 100%, I want to be able to go through with a relationship with out thinking \\\"wonder when shes going to cheat\\\" I have everything but love. I want love. im told \\\"another one will come around\\\" one no one can be like the first and two why even try when shes going to sleep with someone else. seduction is a myth, its an excuse. it takes time to talk to the person, It takes time to walk to a bed, it takes time to take your cloths off. it takes time to get the guy hard, you have all this time to say no but you do it anyways.

90% of people lose their virginity before they are 21, 5% by the time they are 29, 3% are actually waiting till marriage, the last 2% just cant get any. there are 200 cases of suicides a year from brides and grooms getting cheated on on the day of their wedding, 400 a year for being cheated on after. this isn\\\'t just a \\\"they will get over it\\\" thing. it hurts more than getting shot, it hurts more than being homeless, it hurts more than getting hit by a car going 50 mph, it hurts more than having your mother die....I have had all this happen in the last 3 years. so you ladies go on and be with these ripped guys who are complete dicks, you go say some bull s*** like \\\"I was seduced\\\". YOU ONLY KNOWN THE GUY ONE NIGHT AND YOU WERNT DRINKING OR DOING ANY KIND OF DRUG AND YOU DO IT ANY WAYS!

I want to be myself again...but I cant, I have tried everything.
Why is sex that important?
· 12-10-12 11:48pm
by seanvll
Re: Why is sex that important? · 11-11-15 3:43pm
by A Non-Existent User
Re: Re: Why is sex that important? · 11-21-15 9:08pm
by Just A Friend

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