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Prove You're a Vampire!


1. This forum is for people who believe that they are vampires and wish, for whatever reason, to convince others of their vampire status.

2. In your post, please answer the following questions:

         1. What makes you a vampire?

         2. When and how did you become a vampire?

         3. Why do you want us to know that you're a vampire?

         4. If you wish, dispell any popular myths surrounding vampires.

         5. List your hobbies and favorite TV shows, meals, colors, books, and any other personal information you feel like divulging.

3. I (and anyone else who feels up to it) will read your post and tell you whether or not we believe that you are a vampire and why.

4. Do NOT come in here and post something like, "I don't have to prove anything to you." Of course you don't have to prove anything to us. This forum is for those who want to prove it. If you don't want to, then simply refrain from posting anything at all. If you choose to ignore this rule (or not read it at all, as the case may be), you will succeed in proving to me that you are a defensive, bratty little 12-year-old kid whose mommy feels that Vamp.Com is a suitable babysitter for you.


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by Deadgrrl · 10-21-09 @ 5:06 pm

2,473 Posts ·
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